Our Approach to Infant Care

During the first year of life, infants grow and develop by experiencing the world around them. That is why our infant team works to create an environment that supports physical growth and exploration while offering activities that stimulate cognitive development. At Imagination Children’s Academy, infant care is personalized to meet the needs of each individual child. Our infant teachers work with every family to create a schedule and routine for their child that helps ease the transition between home and ICA and provides the consistency of care needed to support early social-emotional development and self-regulation. 

A Day in the Infant Classroom

Throughout the day, infants have one-on-one time with teachers in addition to participating in social activities and experiences. A typical day in the infant room includes reading with teachers, music time, sensory art projects, tummy time/gross motor exploration as well as going for walks and engaging in age appropriate outdoor activities when weather permits.

Each day, parents receive photo updates through the classroom’s private website and are emailed a personalized Daily Log that includes information about their child’s schedule, routine, and a brief “snapshot” of their day. These snapshots help parents share in some of the special moments their infants are experiencing while at ICA.

Infant Classroom Teachers

Each Infant Classroom has a Lead Teacher that is well trained and educated in Early Childhood Development. Lead Teachers serve as a point of reference and support for parents. Through emails, phone calls, and classroom websites they work with parents to create a bridge between home and school. In addition to the Lead Teacher, each classroom has a team of support teachers who have taken college and/or graduate courses in Early Childhood Development.

As an arts integrated early learning center, we seek out teachers who have extensive experience working with children in the classroom as well as in informal learning settings with a strong emphasis on the Arts. Many of our teachers have backgrounds in Dance, Yoga, Fine Arts, Photography, Cinematography, Music, and Theater.