Arts Integration

The Arts at Imagination Children's Academy

Imagination Children's Academy's approach to Arts in Education is modeled after the incredible work being done in primary and secondary schools by The Kennedy Center's ArtsEdge. We understand the importance of creative experiences in early childhood and believe there is no better way to foster creativity than through the arts. Every week, children in each of our classrooms are exposed to the arts through Arts Curriculum, Arts-Enhanced Curriculum, and Arts Integration.

Arts Curriculum

At Imagination Children's Academy, we believe that an appreciation and love of the arts is just as important as developing early foundational skills in music, drama, dance, and the fine arts. That is why we are dedicated to introducing children to each of the art forms at its highest level in classes taught by teachers with extensive backgrounds in the arts.

Arts-Enhanced Curriculum

In Arts-Enhanced Curriculum, we utilize the arts to support other areas of development. Examples of this would be singing the ABC's to promote early literacy or manipulating clay to develop fine motor skills. While music and sculpture are part of the activity, the primary focus is on other developmental domains.

Arts-Integrated Curriculum

Imagination Children’s Academy defines Arts Integration as an approach to early learning in which children develop and demonstrate an understanding of the world around them through an art form. Children engage in a creative activity that connects an art form (music, drama, dance, or fine arts) with a developmental domain (cognitive, physical, adaptive, and social-emotional) and meets evolving objectives and milestones in both.