At Imagination Children’s Academy,

We believe that children are born with a desire to understand the world around them and when given the opportunity, will naturally seek out answers. By utilizing a play-based, emergent style of learning, we created a environment where children comfortably explore, experiment, and experience their surroundings. We believe in the importance of self-directed play and give children the opportunity to work both, on their own and in groups, to discover and develop new ideas and find solutions.

We believe that building relationships of care and respect is integral to early development and that our role as educators is to foster an inclusive environment that honors and challenges each child’s unique abilities and interests. We believe that when we employ highly educated, creative, and experienced early childhood professionals, teachers become set designers and guides who construct engaging environments and meaningful activities that promote the main areas of development; physical, cognitive, social-emotional, and language/communication.

We believe that when the arts are incorporated into early learning explorations, these already rich experiences become even more vibrant. Children learn to explore the world around them using all five senses and begin to think in creative, often complex ways. By offering a one-of-a-kind, project-based early learning curriculum enriched by music, dance, drama, and fine arts, we nurture the innate curiosity that leads to a lifelong love of learning.

We believe in the value of community and are dedicated to making sure that Imagination Children’s Academy is not just a school in the West Loop but a school for the West Loop. This belief permeates everything we do; from our partnerships with other organizations in the community to our commitment to ensuring that each of our families feels valued and included in the culture and community of their child’s classroom.